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Arizona Plants & Cactus

When choosing your landscape plants be sure to drive around the Festival Ranch community and look at which plants and trees are doing well here. The plants that are are healthy, blooming, large - these are the ones you want to pick from. If you find a plant or tree in our neighborhood that you would like to know the name of, feel free to send us a photo and we'll help you out!

  • If you see very few of a certain type of plant you need to ask yourself why... Has drought, disease, pests, or freezing temperatures wiped these plants out before they reached their full potential?

Choose wisely and you'll have a landscape that will last decades!

The purpose of these links are to help you select from the best of these plants to create an attractive, water efficient landscape. The following links you can see photos and information about various plants and trees that you may be interested in.

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Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert

Xeriscape Landscape Plants For The Arizona Desert Environment

Cacti Care & Diseases

University of Arizona Horticulture Publications


We dearly love these plant specimens. However, in the many years we've lived here in Festival Ranch we have yet to see them survive very long. This is due to the Snout Nosed Beetle (AKA "Tequila Worm").

When you look around the community and there are no larger specimens of a plant its usually been wiped out at some point by a freeze, drought, disease or pest infestation.

Here in Festival Ranch there is a large infestation of the Snout Nosed Beetle.

By the time you notice that these plants have been infested it is too late to do anything about it. And the measures that need to be taken to prevent these beetles can be laborious and time consuming.

Here's a great link to read a little more about this beetle an the same issues that we face in our area:

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