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Skipping Scheduled Maintenance or Postponing Service

Regular maintenance pricing is based on year round service!

This eliminates the increased fees in summer and decreased fees in winter. When we provide a quote for regular scheduled maintenance services, we are able to judge by the size of the property, number of plants, type of plants and trees, and overall condition of the yard how long it should take to complete the maintenance services at the weekly intervals quoted. The only exception to this is when there are additional cutbacks needed due to frost damage or other forces of nature beyond our control.

If a regularly scheduled appointment is skipped or postponed for more than 2 weeks there will be a nominal additional service charge on the subsequent maintenance service. Additional charges will range from $10 and up depending on the degree of the additional work.

We also require a minimum of 24-hour notice for cancellation of services. If we arrive and then we're told that our services are not needed, there is a $25 service call fee that will apply to this visit.

EXCEPTIONS: Occasionally there will be no additional debris or trimming when a service is postponed. We are able to discern this and will determine at the time of service if there is a need to waive the additional charge.

Also, if you would like a quote on a different frequency of service (i.e. service every 8 weeks instead of 4) just let us know, we can certainly provide you with that.

Cancelling Consecutive Maintenance Services

If maintenance services are cancelled consecutively, we will need to remove your regular maintenance appointments to allow for other clients to be serviced. When you are ready to resume landscape maintenance services, we will evaluate your property and determine if an initial clean-up charge will apply or if we can simply resume services at the regular service service cost.

Changes in Frequency of Maintenance Services

If your maintenance is currently being performed every 4 weeks and you want to move to every 8 weeks there is a pricing difference and we can give you a quote for this service upon request.

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