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  • Did you know that the keys to your irrigation clock is UNIVERSAL? ANYONE can open them if they have a key!

  • Has someone changed your irrigation clock settings without your permission?

  • Do you want to ensure only you and your landscaper are the ones adjusting your irrigation settings?


It IS possible to add a lock to your irrigation clock, it just takes some careful consideration before drilling. It's necessary to take note of where the internal module and wires are located. Below are the two most common clocks that are installed within our community. The pictures show where the locks can be located.

If you're not inclined to take the chance of drilling into the module or wiring, this is a service that FESTIVAL LANDSCAPING can provide for you! Simply give us a call and ask about having a Clock Lock installed.

All locked up!

Now only you, and those you've

given the combination to, will have access to your irrigation clock.

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