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Fertilizing, Plant Nutrients

& Soil Enhancement

Essential Plant Nutrients

To fertilize or not to fertilize, that is the question. The advice given to many gardeners can vary from one horticulturist to another. Some feel that desert plants are well adapted to our desert soils and will receive all the nutrients they need. Still others recommend fertilizing to replace exhausted nutrients, thereby encouraging a more rapid growth pattern for the plants.

The primary macronutrients needed by plants to grow and survive are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). These major nutrients are usually lacking from the soil first because they are used in large amounts by the plants for their growth and survival. Most of the micronutrients appear to be in ample supply with the exception of magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), and iron (Fe). These are generally unavailable because of the high alkalinity of our soils.

With our extremely hot summers and freezing winter temperatures, letting our plants take their natural course is not always aesthetically pleasing. Typically we want to enjoy the lush, green growth of our plants and view their extraordinary blooms! For this reason many choose to fertilize thereby giving plants and trees the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Plants need more than just nutrients, they also need soil conditions conducive to deep root growth.

Soil Fertility and Plant Health

Festival Landscaping highly recommends the fertilizers and soil enhancement products made by Biofeed Solutions. Their products utilize their own unique Amino-Carbon Technology (ACT). This powerful organic base replaces conventional mined humic acid products and is free of heavy metals, alkaline salts or other harmful by-products.

Humic acid is organic matter that is used as a biostimulant for gardens, trees, and shrubs. It curbs the need for frequent fertilization and helps the soil become self-sustaining. Humic acid breaks up compact clay soil and ‘frees’ up nutrients, boosting water penetration and encouraging healthier root development. It also offers carbon food sources to the indigenous microbes thereby fueling their activity and making vital nutrients available to the plants. The benefits of humic acid include:

  • Increase of nutrient uptake in plants
  • Improves root vitality
  • Filters pollutants from the water which passes through the soil
  • Triggers favorable microbial activity in the soil
  • Provides rich organic substances to deficient soils
  • Increases drought tolerance
  • Reduces plant and turf diseases

Biofeed ACT is biologically produced their plant and is not mined or chemically extracted. It is made using their proprietary blend of plant-proteins and simple carbon sources which are converted into microbial by-products and humic substances through their enzymatic process. For more information on the ACT technology and the benefits of using this product, please visit:



Fertilizing Programs

Festival Landscaping offers deep root injections of the Biofeed fertilizers combined with the soil enhancers to EACH and EVERY plant and tree in your yard!

We recommend having this service performed several times a year. Beginning about mid-February with post-winter injections to provide your plants and trees the nutrients they need as they begin to "wake up" and progress into spring growth. Another treatment should follow around May, particularly with your citrus trees and again in September.

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