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Services Offered

Maintenance Plans

Our landscape maintenance plans are offered at 4 week and 8 week intervals. These maintenance visits include the following services:

Trimming bushes and plants when seasonally prudent, trimming trees up to 8' above ground level, weed removal and post emergent spraying*, grooming rocks, removal of all debris, and inspection of irrigation system (seasonal adjustments made as necessary).

Photographs are taken for seasonal residents who may not be home at the time of service. We will email these photos to you prior to sending your invoice.

Pricing for regular maintenance varies by frequency and lot size.

  • One time services are also available.

*Please see our website under "Weed Control"

Tree Trimming

Our regular service includes tree trimming up to 8' above ground level. If you require further tree trimming and thinning we are able to provide this service at an additional cost. Please click on the tab labeled "Tree Trimming" for additional information.

  • Pricing is based on the tree size, amount of trimming and thinning, and total debris to be hauled off.

Plant and Tree Removal

Pricing for this service varies based on the quantity and size of items needing to be removed. Please call to schedule an appointment for a quote on these items.selecting the options from the toolbar.

Service Calls

Irrigation repairs, broken tree limbs, watering issues and more are all the types of service calls that we are willing to make! Whatever your need may be, we do offer service calls to assist you with these matters.

Pricing starts at $35 per visit


Further information about pre-emergent is available on our website under "Weed Control"

Granite Top Dressing

We can install additional granite to match your existing granite. The cost is determined by the type and availability of the granite requested.

Please call for an appointment for us to measure out the areas you'd like covered and then we can provide you a quote for the installation.

The items listed above are only a small list of the services that we offer.

If what you're looking for is not listed,

give us a call and we'll see if we can help you out!

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