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EZ-FLO Fertigation
Beautiful Results Automatically!
Having an EZ-FLO System is like having a full-time gardener fertilizing your property every time you water!  EZ-FLO feeds gently, in small amounts, every time your irrigation system waters, allowing the plants to develop healthier root masses that make them stronger, more drought tolerant and less susceptible to insects and disease. 

EZ-FLO Main Line Systems Feed the Entire Irrigated Area Automatically
EZ-FLO Main Line Systems attach directly to your in-ground sprinkler and drip irrigation system. Every time you use your irrigation system, EZ-FLO releases small, precision doses of water soluble or liquid fertilizers into the water stream automatically. One system will feed through both sprinkler and drip irrigation zones without the need to make any adjustments or nozzle changes to compensate for water flow or water pressure.

Main Line Systems have been designed to connect directly to your irrigation system after an approved backflow prevention device. They are designed to withstand constant static water pressure present in your irrigation system. These units are constructed of heavy-walled, UV-Resistant PVC and have no moving parts making them very reliable, dependable and maintenance-free.
Fertilizer Distribution Rates
EZ-FLO's patented flow technologies ensure that the approximate proportion of fertilizer to water remains constant from the beginning of the cycle until the tank is depleted of fertilizer. There is generally slight dilution when the tank is almost empty and at the end of its fertilization cycle. All EZ-FLO fertigation units have an adjustable cap with four basic settings relating to the amount of fertilizer mixed with the water. The proportioning rate is determined by the connection type with the hose bib connection feeding at a faster rate than when a coupling connection is used. Feed rates are approximate and will vary by product due to product density and solubility.

Custom Installations
Festival Landscaping is an authorized installer of the EZ-FLO Systems. We recommend that they be installed in an underground valve box but they can also be hidden under decorative rocks or housed in above ground structures when necessary. The only requirement is that they be installed after an approved backflow prevention device as determined by local plumbing code
EZ-FLO main line systems are installed after the backflow prevention device and normally before the irrigation zone valves to allow the unit to feed all irrigation zones. A typical installation is shown here:

In this configuration, when an irrigation zone valve is turned on, the EZ-FLO fertigation unit automatically adjusts to pressure and flow and precisely meters out the appropriate fertilizer based on the water volume flowing into that zone.
EZ-FLO main line units can also be installed after the zone valve or directly in-front of a single zone valve or multiple zone valves if you want to isolate a zone(s) from the other zone(s). An example is shown below and could be for a larger irrigation system that services lots of open turf but the owner wants to focus on their flower beds or in the case of a municipal park, just the baseball field.
Festival Ranch Residential Installation
As an authorized installer, Festival Landscaping is thrilled to offer installation of this system to our Festival Ranch neighbors.  
Please call for pricing and availability.  Thank you!